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A Different Approach

CGRC offers an independent, comprehensive approach to assessing material risks.

Our goal is to help your organization achieve corporate longevity by aligning perception to reality. We guide you through the proprietary CGRC process which facilitates analyses of short and long-term risk factors from a fresh, independent perspective and mindset. We collaborate with our clients to identify potential blind spots so that governance issues can be addressed and rectified. We offer expert advice about integrating best practices into every level of your company/organization so you can create a genuinely sustainable operating environment. “Tone from the top” is paramount for good corporate governance. That’s why we work directly with the Board of Directors and C- Suite executives.


The CGRC process is tailored specifically for your organization. We believe that partnerships, trust, and fluid communications are vital to corporate sustainability. Because we conduct integrity-based conversations that will potentially affect positive and long-lasting change, we uphold strictest individual anonymity, observe Chatham House Rules, and sign an NDA.


CGRC works with a select number of clients, having collaborated with many leaders over the years to facilitate corporate sustainability. Our experience covers key business areas with expertise in financial services, professional services, textiles, manufacturing and supply chains, automotive, healthcare, technology, real estate, hospitality, and strategic and corporate communications.


Contact us for more information on how we can facilitate your Corporate Governance Reality Check.

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