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Karin Malmström and Christine Houston are two senior executives who have each lived and worked in Asia for over 30 years. Their work with multinationals led them to identify gaps in corporate governance and the need for objective, third-party insight that can bring fresh thinking to status quo board and executive environments.

The concept for and creation of CGRC is the culmination of their years of work with senior leaders on the frontlines witnessing first-hand the triumphs and failures of corporate decision-making.


They founded CGRC to offer a new approach to assessing and managing material risks.


Karin Malmström


Karin Malmström is the Founder and Managing Director of Hong Kong-based KMA Strategic Communications. She is a corporate governance and strategic communications executive who drives change and growth for multinationals and NGOs. A Sinologist fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Karin is a crisis management specialist, government affairs/trade policy advisor and skilled strategist. She has held senior management positions and served on advisory boards and executive committees of global corporations including DaimlerChrysler/Mercedes-Benz, Commercial Metals Company (New York/Dallas) and Cotton Council International (Washington, D.C.).


Karin has a diploma in Change Management from IMD (Lucerne, Switzerland) and is INED certified. She was Second Vice President and Board Member of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club during the handover in 1997. 


Christine Houston


Christine Houston is the Founder and Managing Director of Executive Strategies Group International. Having previously worked in New York and Tokyo, Ms. Houston has been based in Hong Kong since 1994, working with senior management of multinationals on their leadership strategies, including their Board membership requirements. Prior to entering the professional services sector, Christine held senior management positions in MNCs such as Avon, Revlon, and J Walter Thompson in the U.S. and Japan.


She is currently a board member of OCA, a U.S. SPAC. She was previously a board member of the Tokyo American Club, The Jung Foundation (U.S.), Foreign Executive Women in Japan, of which she was a founding member, and a member of the Advisory Board of Catalyst (U.S.).

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